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Today, I'm happy to feature a recent interview of one of my Book Place members, thriller author, Kensington Roth, along with information on his current spy thriller, Able Danger.   Leave a comment in the comment section, along with your email address. One lucky winner will receive a free copy of Kensington's thriller, Able Danger. (Entry void where prohibited by law) Morgan Mandel

Author Interview

ABLE DANGER author Kensington Roth, recently sat down and answered a few questions about his novel, his inspiration, and more.

What inspired you to write Able Danger? Is this your first book?

Able Danger was born after my trip to mainland China and following the 9/11 attacks. I pondered for some time about a what-if scenario of China attacking the U.S. with a weapon more powerful then a nuclear weapon and just how the White House might react.

Because my story has many dimensions of action, intrigue, and romance I felt it could be best portrayed on the silver screen. After I wrote the screenplay I adapted the story to the novel format for all spy-thriller fans to read and my first book was published.

How did you come up with the idea for Able Danger?

After watching all the movies that have been made about the U.S. and Russia fighting over nuclear weapons, I thought they’re much too busy haggling over nukes when there is something with far greater destructive power that they should be be worrying about. In the novel Gravvox is discovered, not by the Americans, but by another superpower — China.

I understand you did a lot of research in the Library of Congress to prepare for this book?

Yes I did and I discovered many “behind the curtain” facts about the 9/11 attacks and also a lot about China’s global ambitions.

What is the origin of the title Able Danger?

After I finished writing the story, I realized that the U.S. government’s overly confident attitude about war has made them think they are able to encounter and overcome any danger. So, the title Able Danger stuck.

Your main character Harrison Court-006, has been called the American James Bond. Are you an avid James Bond fan?

Yes, ever since I was 7 years old when my father took me to see my first Bond movie Goldfinger, I was intrigued by the many elements the characters delivered to the story. I didn’t know that I wrote an American Bond-like novel until the novel was finished.

Who are your biggest fans?

It seems most Bond fans have taken a liking to my American version of the Bond-like story theme and most are eager to read the novel and see the movie on the big screen. They have the same thirst for spy-action intrigue, coupled with romantic interludes portraying beautiful women, as I do.

What was the most frustrating aspect about writing and publishing this book? What has been the most rewarding?

I thoroughly enjoyed writing the story so everyone can share in the Harrison Court-006 saga. Self-publishing the novel has been the only challenge to overcome. The most rewarding factor is that I discovered the many, many people who simply adore spy-thriller action stories about intriguing spies and gorgeous ladies found in exotic locations.

Do you plan to write another novel? Have you begun?

I plan on writing the sequel to Able Danger which will be called Danger for 2. I have already started my other genre of action-adventure-fantasy which will feature the first of a series showcasing the first female action hero for all audiences to enjoy. It will be published in early 2010.

When you Google Able Danger, you pull up the Able Danger movie. Does it relate to your novel?

The movie from 2008 has nothing to do with Able Danger the novel. It’s a question asked often and the public will discover this after reading the novel.

Do you have plans to make your own movie of Able Danger?

I planned on making the movie as I wrote the screenplay which is currently in the early stages of development. Two accomplished actresses are slated to play China doll “MISSONG” and the voluptuous “VOLACE.” Several amazing theme tracks and songs from the soundtrack have been sent to me for review. A choice director is joining the ensemble to entice two famous known actors to play the lead role of Harrison Court-006 and his nemesis DaSage.

Can you tell us why you choose the Virtual Book Tour to promote your book?

The virtual book tour is for the general public to be made aware of my new explosive spy-thriller that has a Bond-like appeal.

Are you promoting Able Danger by any other means? Website? Blog? Twitter? Facebook?

Able Danger the novel can be viewed at my website. for the full synopsis and for ordering information. My profile is displayed on Facebook, along with The Kensington Roth Fan Club so everyone can get plugged-in with the latest events taking shape about Able Danger the movie adapted from the novel.

Do you have any final words?

I hope audiences around the world will welcome the Able Danger series of spy-thrillers and Harrison Court-006 in his perilous exploits that take him across the globe to fight the evils of the world, while never getting his tuxedo dirty.

Thank you for this interview, Kensington. Good luck on your tour!

Dexter Matthews says:
December 16, 2009 at 2:59 pm

Outstanding interview. I took an interest in the book “ABLE DANGER” after be-friending Kensington Roth on facebook. The more I read the synopsis the more I wanted to read the book. However, after reading just the first two chapters I was “HOOKED” I’ve always loved the spy thrillers since I was a kid. “JAMES BOND,” “OUR MAN FLINT,” “THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E,” and the “AVENGERS” to name a few. Harrison Court AGENT 006, brings back the excitement, intrigue, adventure and romanticism of the genre. As a reader you’ll love the twist of this novel and the depth of each character. As a fan of spy movies ,you’ll anxiously await the release of “ABLE DANGER” the film. It is safe to say you will not be disappointed with the saga of agent Harrison Court and his sexy spy-girl Missong.


Agent Harrison Court-006 a black ops-spy discovers China’s secret attack planned for the U. S. taking him on a new mission across Asia and Europe against time to stop a rogue ex-CIA agent DaSage. Court uncovers China’s deadly super weapon from a known terrorist leader hiding in the caves of Tora Bora. OO6 must find out what American cities the silent gravity weapon will destroy by defeating the phantom of reverse gravity before history is altered forever.

Excerpt from Chapter 1

From outer space the satellite disengages its laser on this American suburban household, as the TEST of Gravvox’s destructive firepower has concluded. The laser’s disengagement creates a sensitizing, bursting, spherical-shaped flash traveling almost forever in space. The effects of the laser burning out causes a phenomenal, geomagnetic interference with Earth’s ATMOSPHERE.

How Able Danger, the Novel, was born

Kensington returned from his trip to the Orient in March 2004. Being his assistant, I noticed for some months he was distracted and always jotting down illegible notes. The months went by and the office was filled with small pieces of paper everywhere. He was truly fixated with some big story. What did he see in Hong Kong? Was it main land China that moved him? The people? The culture?

As the next year turned the corner, he began transferring his ideas in no apparent order onto the computer. He struggled in the last months of that year to grasp some sort of flow which didn't come out about until the fall of 2006, and that's when he started writing Able Danger for the silver screen. In the spring of 2008 the novel was written and subsequently published by his company Kensington Roth Media, Inc. - Karina


Known for his spy thrillers set in exotic locations across the globe, Kensington Roth is the author of this highly acclaimed explosive, action spy-thriller. “Able Danger” fits the international espionage spectrum of sequels for avid readers and has been adapted to film by the author for moviegoers to view agent Harrison Court-006 on the silver screen. The sequel ”Danger for 2” will be featured in paperback and theaters in 2011.

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Morgan Mandel said...

Welcome to Make Mine Mystery, Kensington. I hope you have an enjoyable stay.

Morgan Mandel

Maryann Miller said...

Enjoyed the interview. I, too, write screenplays of my stories, but most of the time after the book. My husband is a great James Bond fan, so he would enjoy your book.
Enjoy the rest of your virtual book tour.

Celia Yeary said...

Mr. Roth--very interesting interview--Morgan does a fantastic job, doesn't she? Your book sounds intriguing and exciting. I'm the James Bond fan in the family--I drag my husband to see the newest ones--Daniel Craig--and all he can say is, "That sure was loud." Celia

Kensington Roth said...

Hi Morgan,,
It's great to be here. Thank you for inviting me to your world.


Cheryl said...

Excellent interview. I like James Bond and fiction surrounding current or political events, so this book seems right up my alley.

It was interesting learning more about you and your work, Mr. Roth.

Best of luck!



Kensington Roth said...


Try writing the book after the screenplay. You may uncover a whole new style of writing you were never aware of.

People who have read the book say that "Harrison Court is every woman’s hero and every foes nightmare." I know your husband will enjoy the book immensely.

Wolfmont Publishing said...

Welcome to Make Mine Mystery, Kensington! I wish you much success with both your book and your film-making.

Tony Burton

Kensington Roth said...

Hi Celia,

I'm glad you enjoyed my interview, and yes Morgan does a fabulous presentation.

If you're a Bond fan they you'll want to read "Able Danger." As one person explained it "the action grows all the way through the book like a runaway train!"

Kensington Roth said...

I'm delighted that you found my work interesting. It's a journey with many twists and turns. If you prefer plots with current or political events take note of Fran Lewis' comment that "Kensington Roth has created a plot so devious, so frightening it reveals the government's mass deception and deceit."

And another reviewer stated that the "plot, counter-plot, and conspiracy theory intertwine with fictionalized real-world terrorism coming under curiously confident suspicion." Cheryl, I anticipate your thoughts on the read.

Margot Justes said...

I love James Bond, an American version is a welcome addition.
Margot Justes
A Hotel in Paris

Kensington Roth said...

Tony I'm delighted to be part of Make Mine Mystery. I thank you for the inspiring words, and thanks for stopping by. Hope to meet you through the publishing circles.

Debra St. John said...

Great interview.

As a huge James Bond fan, your story intrigues me a lot.

Good luck putting the movie together!

Dana Fredsti said...

Definitely best of luck with both your books and your film-making career!

Patricia Stoltey said...

Excellent interview, Morgan. And Kensington, I've been on a thriller binge lately, so will add Able Danger to my reading list. Good luck with your promotion and sales.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Bummer there's a movie of the same name!

Helen Kiker said...

The interview makes me want to switch reading cozies to spy thrillers.

Good luck with the book sales!

Helen Kiker

Anonymous said...

My original MS was written in Omniscient POV because I wanted that screenplay element threaded throughout the story. I'm currently changint it to Third Person POV.

Best wishes for your continued success.

Stephen Tremp

Kensington Roth said...

Thanks for stopping in today Margot. I have a novel with a New American hero I think you'll adore immensely. His name is Harrison Court-006. It has been commented that "he is every woman’s hero and every foes nightmare," and "the charming, sleek main character Harrison Court a.k.a 006 leads the story with incredible grace and adventure." I hope you enjoy your New American hero.

Kensington Roth said...

Debra St. John I'm happy that you enjoyed my interview. "Able Danger" has the international intrigue mixed with a blend of romance you may not have read before. As Kay Zen put it that, "author Kensington Roth steers the story with such elegance that many if not most spy thrillers lack. The book is a perfect ten."

Helen Ginger said...

My husband and I both like James Bond and Matt Rapp, so this will probably be a good fit for us. I like the idea that you wrote it first as a screenplay. I tend to read action books and see them as movies in my head. I know I do that with Robert Fate's Baby Shark series. I have a feeling yours would read that way for me.

Straight From Hel

Morgan Mandel said...

I find it difficult to write screenplays. I'm not sure I'd even attempt to do one. You have to have a certain knack for them.

Morgan Mandel

Kensington Roth said...

Thank you so much Dana.

Kensington Roth said...

Thank you and I'm glad you picked Able Danger for your thriller read. As a reviewer said, "Able Danger" is a brand of thriller that is unique and different, and that it had "an ending so bone chilling that not even Patterson or Berry’s novels could compare to that of author Kensington Roth."

Paul said...

We need more spy thrillers, and we need more heroes, so this is a welcome addition!



Kensington Roth said...

Good for you Helen K. Make the switch to spy-thrillers.

Kensington Roth said...

Hi Hel,
Then I know you'll enjoy reading "Able Danger." Ashleigh Bonang referred to my descriptive style of writing in that "Kensington Roth's portrayal of the anonymous suburban family is brilliant and clever, using everyday tasks to define the significance of the incident. They are simply pawns in a much larger, more terrifying game."

Kensington Roth said...

Paul you said it right. Harrison Court-006 is the New American hero taking the lead role. Fran Lewis described "Harrison Court is every woman’s hero and every foes nightmare" And better said by Kay Zen. "The charming, sleek main character Harrison Court a.k.a 006 leads the story with incredible grace and adventure."