Monday, May 17, 2010

Plug Your Book by Morgan Mandel

Since my brain is toast today due to a vicious virus, I'm handing the floor over to you. In one or two sentences, leave a comment plugging your book. Don't forget to give us a buy link with your web and/or/blogspot.

Mine is - Killer Career - a romantic suspense about a lawyer whose career change could be a killer when her mentor does more than write about murders. Signed copies available at

Morgan Mandel


L. Diane Wolfe said...

Hope you locate your brain again, Morgan!

I'm promoting the fifth and final book of my YA series, The Circle of Friends, Book V...Heather. Links to purchase physical & eBooks at

E.J. Copperman said...

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEED begins the Haunted Guesthouse Mystery series, and you can find it at, where there are links to booksellers large and small. 7 bedrooms, 4 baths, 2 ghosts--what's not to like?

Terry Odell said...

Right now, I'm dealing with having my last release, WHEN DANGER CALLS, remaindered. That means there are no more copies being printed. BUT I have a bunch of copies in my garage and will be happy to sell them at 50% off cover price. You can read the first chapter at and if you're interested, drop me an email. And since the sequel will come out next year, this is your chance to see where it began!

Irene Fleming said...

THE EDGE OF RUIN returns to 1909 and Fort Lee, New Jersey, where Adam and Emily Weiss attempt to fulfill a contract to produce four silent movies in three weeks. When a detective from Thomas Edison's Motion Picture Patents Trust is found stabbed to death on the set, Adam is arrested, and Emily must finish the movies, find the killer, and keep from becoming the next victim before the deadline falls.
Feel better, Morgan!

carl brookins said...

"Devils Island" looms on your horizon. That is if you can stand some watery action with a kick-ass woman who runs up against her ex in a battle to the death.
available from

William Freedman said...

"Land That I Love" is political and social satire dressed up as space opera sci-fi.

A galactic hyperpower invades America in the same hamfisted way America once invaded other countries. High jinks ensue.

"I dove in to this story expecting something fluffy and funny. What I actually got completely surprised me. Yes, this story is humorous; it is also fiercely satirical, intelligent, and extremely well-written. This clever novel is filled with political and social commentary, most of it humorous but some of it serious, and while the fun it pokes is frequently sharply pointed, it is never mean-spirited. ... a wonderful, colorful, and very thought-provoking novel. It has just a whisper of what I would consider a Douglas Adams feel to it (if I can say that without detracting from the obvious intelligence and talent of the author) but is without a doubt utterly unique. ... I highly recommend this novel to readers who are looking for something smart and witty and just a little bit different from the norm. Give this one a read. I’m convinced that you won’t regret it or forget it any time soon." (Book Wenches)

Available in paperback or ebook via Amazon, BN or the author's blog site:

Helen Ginger said...

So sorry you're sick, Morgan.

I'll plug your book, Killer Career. It's a fun read with suspense and romance and lots of goings-on.

Straight From Hel

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

A decapitation of a stalker starts An Axe to Grind off on a grisly investigation which puts plans for Detective Doug Milligan and Officer Stacey Wilbur's wedding on hold.

Is available from Kindle and Amazon, written under the name F.M. Meredith.


P.S. Get well, Morgan.

Holli Castillo said...

Sorry you're not feeling well, get well fast!

Gumbo Justice is the first in the Crescent City Mystery Series, featuring female prosecutor Ryan Murphy. The second, Jambalaya Justice, will be out this summer.

Signed copies at

or unsigned at Amazon,

Gayle Carline said...

Hope your brain feels better soon, Morgan!

In the meantime, since I'm here -

FREEZER BURN is a fun romp of a murder mystery. When a housecleaner-turned-detective is roped into helping a former client clean his freezer, she finds a severed hand inside, wearing an expensive ring. As they say, mayhem ensues.

Available at Amazon (paperback and Kindle), B&N, and the author's website.

Anonymous said...

Our new true-crime book, "Alone: Orphaned on the Ocean," just came out May 1. Our author, Tere Duperrault, the sole-survivor of a murderous rampage by the captain of their rented sailboat who, in 1961, murdered her father, mother, sister and brother, has been featured on "The Today Show," "The View," "Fox and Friends" and locally in Green Bay. It's an awesome, horrifying story yet uplifting in how Tere has survived and succeeded. It's the first time she's told her full story in the nearly 50 years since the event.

It's available on

Our company is TitleTown Publishing out of Green Bay, Wis.
And we're on Facebook, too.

Thanks for the opportunity to promote, Morgan!

Julie Rogers/Editor

Rob Walker said...

Wow! What a lot of great book descriptions going up here! First congratulations to everyone who has a book to promote; it is hard work but there is always a feeling of accommplishment with a completed novel or work of nonfiction. I have enjoyed reading all the descripts. I suggest for you all to take a look at where you can easily create a fast book trailer type thingy. I just did one myself for my array of ebooks, concentrating on the cover art for those that are not selling as much as the others.

My last book came out in hardcover in July and am trying now to complete my next major title - Curse of the Titanic. So other than marketing for my ebooks at present, I have little to talk about, but I am blogging as I write Curse on the ups and downs of writng a novel in 3 months and completing final copy in a year.
That's found via google at Dirty Deeds-Advice.


Lillie Ammann said...

Hope you feel better soon, Morgan.

I've enjoyed reading the book plugs and will probably end up with more books in my TBR pile.

Dream or Destiny is a romantic mystery available in paperback and e-book formats from Amazon, Smashwords, and GASLight Publishing. Marilee wakes from a dream about a murder to find it really happened ... and she is one of the prime suspects. Will she and the other suspect, the victim's brother, solve the crime before the killer gets to them?

Lillie Ammann
A Writer's Words, An Editor's Eye

Sunny Frazier said...

WHERE ANGELS FEAR, the 2nd in the Christy Bristol Astrology Mysteries. Christy must investigate a rural sex club to find a missing Viet Nam vet. Things are never what they seem and more fun than you can imagine!

Available at Oak Tree Books and Amazon and Kindle. Or, contact me at

WS Gager said...

Morgan: Sorry you're not feeling well but maybe the idea for promotion will spread like the flu.

A Case of Infatuation is about Mitch Malone, a crime reporter, who gets stuck with an intern and then a small child at a murder scene. He has to solve the mystery or be stuck wiping noses. The second in the Mitch Malone series is coming out in a month or so and is called: A Case of Accidental Intersection and Mitch Malone must again solve the crime as the bodies pile up and he is next on the list.

Diana Orgain said...

Follow along on the MATERNAL INSTINCTS MYSTERY SERIES. In the first installment, BUNDLE OF TROUBLE, Kate becomes a PI in order to stay at home with her newborn, Laurie. In book two, MOTHERHOOD IS MURDER, Kate joins a mommy group and expands her PI business. In book three, FORMULA FOR MURDER (to be released in 2011)Kate continues to grow her business. You'll laugh, I promise! Available where all books are sold or directly at

Pat Batta said...

What a neat idea. Thank you.

Who More Than Wished You Were Dead?, the third in the Marge Christensen Mystery Series, is due out in October. This time Marge gets involved in a murder on the beach at Ocean Shores, Washington, and wonders if sleuthing is becoming a permanent part of her life. Detective Pete Peterson can't help coming from Bellevue to see what she's getting into now. What's that all about? said...

A CORPSE IN THE SOUP and SEVEN DEADLY SAMOVARS are the first two zany Silver Sisters Mysteries. How do an over-the-hill hippie from Alaska and a wealthy advice columnist from Beverly Hills get into such messes? Just finished the first draft manuscript for the third one, VANISHING ACT IN VEGAS...targeting late 2011.

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

Hope you feel better soon, Morgan.

"The Ride" is a funny but poignant mis-adventure of a desperate housewife who is taken on the ride of her life - in more ways than one! Find out more at or or
buy it on Amazon

Anonymous said...

Nickel Capital or Canada's Caribbean: We're raping Mother Nature on both sides of the country. See Memories are Murder and And on the Surface Die.

Lou Allin

Nancy Means Wright said...

In MIDNIGHT FIRES,a rebellious governess, Mary Wollstonecraft, seeks justice after an Irish rebel plummets into the sea.Publishers Weekly calls it "captivating. Wright deftly illuminates 18th century class tensions." In bookstores and online now. Perseverance Press, $14.95
Thanks, Morgan!

Carolyn J. Rose said...

I'm promoting The Big Grabowski, a comic cozy set on the Oregon coast featuring the murder of an unscrupulous developer, whirligigs, sea lions, belly bucking, and a low-speed chase through the smoke from a burning marijuana grow.
The sequel, Sometimes a Great Commotion, will be out this summer

Camille Minichino said...

How generous of you, Morgan. Feel better quickly!

My 5th miniature mystery was released April 6 -- MONSTER IN MINIATURE, about a Halloween decoration gone wrong.

Anonymous said...

My just-published e-book, Follow The Falcon, is available at The blurb: The greatest art heist in history has gone unsolved for twelve years when a dying man whispers his final words to an almost-starving young artist. With a huge reward at stake, Brooke Lancaster races along the twisting roads above Nice, onto the dunes of Cape Cod, into a chateau-like museum and to Thoreau’s historic grave. Using little more than her wits and courage, she takes on thieves, Mafia goons and unscrupulous art aficionados who are as desperate as she is to find $350 million in paintings.

Steve Kendall

Joseph R.G. DeMarco said...

MURDER ON CAMAC is the first installment in my Marco Fontana series.
Fontana is a Philadelphia P.I. who is asked to investigate the death of an author which the police think is just a mugging gone bad.
The victim had been working on a book about the murder of Pope John Paul I and made a number of enemies. But jealous lovers and rivals in academia could also be involved.
BUY It at Amazon

Joe DeMarco

Jessie Crockett said...

In LIVE FREE OR DIE volunteer fire chief Gwen Fifield fends off doughnut cravings, romantic advances and sisterly advice as she pursues an arsonist turned murderer through her tiny New Hampshire village.

Available August 15, 2010 from Mainly Murder Press

Jessie Crockett

Karen McCullough said...

A QUESTION OF FIRE combines elements of mystery, suspense, romance, action and adventure in a story that Ellie Kinnon of eBookConnections describes as "a roller-coaster ride of danger, deception and romance."

When Catherine Bennett becomes the recipient of a dying man's last words, she also becomes the target of ruthless killers who think she has something they need. Click here to read an excerpt.

Buy at Amazon:

Lorie Ham said...

The Final Note is the last in my series featuring gospel singing amateur sleuth Alexandra Walters. She's back on the road with her family, stalked by a mafia don that ends up murdered (and she of course is suspect number one), and trying to choose between the 2 men in her life. It is available on Amazon in print and kindle

Gerrie Ferris Finger said...

THE END GAME features Dru and Lake. She owns Chld Trace, Inc. and he's an Atlanta cop. They only have a day to find two little girls who have been abducted for the pedophilia trade overseas. (No overt depiction of child abuse; the girls are gone when the story begins.)
Gerrie Ferris Finger

Lauren Carr said...

Coming July 1st! It's Murder, My Son introduces my new series character Mac Faraday.
What started out as the worst day of Mac Faraday’s life would end up being a new beginning. After a messy divorce hearing, the last person that Mac wanted to see was another lawyer. Yet, this lawyer wore the expression of a child bursting to tell his secret. This covert would reveal Mac as heir to undreamed of fortunes, and lead him to the birthplace of America’s Queen of Mystery and an investigation that will unfold like one of her famous mystery novels.
Little does Mac know as he drives up to Spencer Manor that he is driving into a closed gate community that is hiding more suspicious deaths than his DC workload as a homicide detective. With the help of his late mother’s journal, this retired cop puts all his detective skills to work to pick up where the local investigators have left off to follow the clues to his neighbor's killer.