Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Sucessful Bookstore Event

Book signings at bookstores have never been my favorite thing to do. However, I attended a book event at the Coalesce Bookstore in Morro Bay put on by the Central Coast Sisters in Crime. I'm a member, even though I live three hours away, but decided to join the 4 other mystery authors who were putting on this event.

These are the things that I think made it successful.

1. The location. Morro Bay is a classy beach community with many retired folks--and those were the majority of the folks who attended. The bookstore itself is small, but it has a gorgeous garden and a wedding chapel in the back where we gave our talks. Our books were on display in the garden.

2. The local newspaper had a great article about the event, along with information about each author who was coming. The bookstore had posters about the event in several places in the store.

3. It was an event rather than a book signing. As people entered the garden they stopped and looked at the books. A few picked up the books and asked for autographs even before thing started.

4. Refreshments were available. The store provided coffee, hot water for tea and water along with sodas and wine. The Sisters in Crime group brought finger food and desserts. People were free to help themselves throughout the two hour event.

5. Each author had a 10 minute talk--about herself, her book, or read passages for her book. A question and answer period followed, then everyone was encouraged to go outside and look at the books and talk to the authors. After a short time, everyone was called back in for the next author's talk.

6. After each author spoke, those who were there were given a raffle ticket and a drawing was held for a free book.

7. At the end another raffle ticket was drawn for a gift basket filled with books and Easter goodies.

8. After everything was over, people paid for the books they had picked up from the authors.

9. Nearly every seat was filled during the whole event. A few people left before it was over, and other people came in late.

10. I sold 16 books during that two hour period. I have no idea how many others sold, but I do know a lot of people carried books around with them and there was a line at the front desk to pay once the event was over.

A successful day and a lot of fun. The bookstore did a lot and so did the Sisters in Crime group--but it paid off.



Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

In the photo I look like I'm singing or preaching, fear not, I'm merely talking about my books.

Dana Fredsti said...

That looks like such a lovely location, Marilyn! I love Morro Bay. And it sounds like the event was very well organized!

Morgan Mandel said...

Abolustely beautiful, Marilyn!
Glad you had a successful event and sold books!

Morgan Mandel