Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mystery Convention Time

The Edgars were this week and Malice Domestic this weekend, and I've been hearing all kinds of banter about both on Facebook and all the lists that I'm on. Obviously, I didn't go to either.

I've been to Malice twice and once to the Edgars. Enjoyed both, but living in a dinky place in the middle of California, traveling to the East coast can be a pain. I've decide that from now on, I'm only going to events that are easy to get to.

Having said that, the mystery convention I'm headed to next is Mayhem in the Midlands. It used to be an easier trip than it is now. Last year we were stranded in Denver overnight due to some weather and missing the only plane out of Denver to Bakersfield and there wasn't another the next day. We ended up flying to Fresno and having to ask a relative to pick us up there and drive us to Bakersfield airport to pick up our car.

This year, we're still coming back through Denver, but will be flying from there to San Francisco and then Bakersfield. (Haven't broken that news to my husband yet.)

We love Mayhem and Omaha so hope we have so much fun it won't matter that we're making this weird trip to get home. And I'm on two panels, moderating another, and doing an author chat with two others.

In June, it's the Public Safety Writers Conference which is a writers conference with a lot of speakers and panels geared toward the whole writing experience as well as writing mysteries. Because I'm in charge of the program, I'm a bit anxious but also looking forward to it. It's the only place where I can boss police officers, FBI men and others in the law enforcement field around. Kind of heady for an old lady.

I'm also planning on going to San Francisco in the fall to Bouchercon. A good friend asked me to be her roommate and I figured it was a sign that I ought to go. Bouchercons are always a bit overwhelming, but lots of fun.

What conventions/conferences to like to attend?


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Dana Fredsti said...

Marilyn, I"m so glad you're going to Bouchercon! SinC NorCal is running the hospitality suite along with MWA and I'm so looking forward to meeting everyone!