Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm On a Blog Tour Too

Like Beth Groundwater from yesterday's post, I'm also on a blog tour this month. I'll put a few of the upcoming stops at the end of my blog.

Like Beth, I believe covers are extremely important. I love the cover for Angel Lost. The publisher and I did go back and forth a bit because the first jogger on the cover had long hair, since this is supposed to be Stacey Milligan jogging who has short hair, I asked for a new silhouette and got it. Jogging plays an important part in the book--but Stacey always jogs in the morning and this is obviously a late afternoon sky and since the book is set in the West--well that has to be a sunset. But it does make a beautiful background which certainly adds to the cover so no argument about that.

So far the reviews coming in have been great--but I have to tell you that two emails from readers have pleased me the most.

The first was a friend and fellow author who said, "I stayed up all night to read Angel Lost and I don't do that often."

The second was also from a friend who is a retired New York cop and he gave me an idea for one of the plot threads, he said, "This is the best Rocky Bluff P.D. story yet. Keep on writing."

Now here are the stops for the rest of the tour. I do hope you might take a peek at one or another and leave a comment.

Monday, March 21
Interviewed at Examiner
Tuesday, March 22
Book reviewed at Paperback Writer
Wednesday, March 23
Guest blogging at Acme Authors Link
Guest blogging at Writers Who Kill
Thursday, March 24
Interviewed at Broowaha
Friday, March 25
Book reviewed at Book Reviews by Molly

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Hi Marilyn,
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Rebecca Camarena said...

marilyn's links are all linking back into my blog. It's great to follow her everywhere.