Saturday, April 16, 2011


by Ben Small

In my own Stupid Kindle Story, a topic I've seen covered before, I think I've got a winner. I bought a new Kindle, 3G and all, because I got tired of losing my place on the old one. You know: a twitch, a bump, whatever... No idea where I'd been.

So I pulled my new Kindle out of the package, only to drop it because I had no idea how the hard cover with slots -- ordered separately, mind you - worked..

Yeah, duh.

One return later, still unable to work the stupid cover, I ordered another hard cover, one with a built-in light running off the Kindle battery.

Cool. I can read in the dark.

So the package arrives, and it's the same cover I'd already bought, the one with the slot I couldn't figure out.

Donkey duh.

Maybe I should read directions...
Charles McCord
Michael Jordan had Scottie Pippin, Johnny Carson had Ed McMahon, and for about thirty years Don Imus has had Charles McCord. Charles doing the news, sidekick superb, a joke-writer, a stand-up-quality comedian; Charles, whose rants back against the ever-insulting Imus as either a voice of reason or a total nutjob should someday grace my iTunes library. 

McCord announced his retirement Friday, effective May 6.

As a key piece of what has become three of the most entertaining radio and television programming hours five days a week for thirty years, Charles will be missed. And as he made Charles' announcement, Imus snorted that after forty-eight years of going home to  his family early each and every afternoon, Charles has decided to see them less. He's going to sit on some Arkansas lake, alone in a boat, fishing... Then, mentioning his prostate cancer -- for maybe the hundredth time that hour -- Imus compared Charles to Newt Gingrich, who served his wife with divorce papers while she was in the hospital. 

As usual with Imus in the Morning, hilarity ensued.


Morgan Mandel said...

I absolutely love my kindle 3. Hope you've got it all under control and are now in the enjoyment stage.

Morgan Mandel

Ben Small said...

Yup. Been enjoying it immensely. And because of the free AT&T connection, I can use it in Europe. Yay!

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Back when Imus was on MSNBC in the morning, the best part was when Charles would just go off on Imus. Usually well deserved. He has earned his peace!