Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Game Face

Last month I made an appeal for help and so many of you responded. I asked you to suggest titles for a collection of short stories I'm preparing for publication. I promised to send everybody who responded a copy of the ebook when it is published. That promise still holds, but it will be a while before the book is ready. I am on track for a mid-September publication date. So sometime in late September Ricky Bush, Morgan Mandel, Mike Dennis, Cozy in Texas, J.D. Webb, Kevin R. Tipple, Jean Henry Mead, Art Burnett, Jerry House, and Fred Zackel will get copies of the book. Thank you all.

Now for an update. You guys gave me some great suggestions which spawned a lot of ideas. I can't say that I chose one suggestion over the other, but I tried them all and experimented with tag lines for each. While working on the tag lines, the title popped up.

The title is Game Face
The tag line: Val Lyon puts on her game face when the competition heats up, but death has his game face on so Val had better bring her A game.

Here's the cover blurb:
Honolulu's hottest private eye, Val Lyon, has her game face on in these eight tales of love and lust, greed and corruption, murder and revenge, sports and cheating. Lots of cheating. On the court and off the court. In bed and out of bed. 
 Never one to shy away from adventure, Val drops from the sky, navigates a turbulent ocean and mixes it up on the hardwood. She faces man-eating sharks and ferocious bulls, but the most fearsome opponents are the two-legged ones. 
 Whether team sports or individual sports, the competition is fierce. It doesn't matter if the game is basketball or volleyball, or golf or surfing, the opponent is always the same—Death—and he always scores first. 
 So put your game face on and get in the game. These games are for keeps.

A game face signifies an intent to win, to prevail against tough odds. That's the one theme, besides sports, that runs through the stories. So keep watching this space and I will keep you updated on the progress and let you know when the book comes out. For now, thank you for your comments and suggestions on the title.

Mark Troy
Hawaiian-eye Blog


J D Webb said...

Good title, Mark. Good luck with the book.

Helen Ginger said...

I like the title, Mark. And getting to read more "Val" is definitely good news.

Mike Dennis said...

Thanks, Mark. I'll look forward to receiving my copy.

Jean Henry Mead said...

Sounds great, Mark. I enjoyed your first book and look forward to Gme Face.

Morgan Mandel said...

Great choice, Mark! Sounds like a great book also.

Morgan Mandel

Paul Smith said...

I also love the title, thanks a lot :) I am so busy now, working for the academic proofreading and editing | clover enterprises ''the entertainment of choice'' | Students often buy papers there!