Monday, October 10, 2011

Worked For Me

I thought I could get lots of editing done on Forever Young-Blessing or Curse during my 12 day vacation in the NorthWoods of Wisconson. I got less done than I'd thought because the weather cooperated too much. With everyday in the 70's, when my husband went out fishing, I found it my duty to sit on the small deck of our cottage with my dog, Rascal, and read from my Kindle. I also went on long walks with Rascal, and enjoyed the beauties of the changing colors of Fall. I saw some gorgeous sights of yellow, orange and rust colored trees reflected on the water. Some of them will only remain in my memory, since I didn't always remember to bring a camera on our walks.

Coming Soon, I promise!
I did manage to squeeze in half an hour or an hour on some days to edit my Forever Young-Blessing or Curse manuscript. When I did, I found better words than I had written before, and also discovered how to correct spots where the pacing blogged down.

I didn't get as far as I wanted in my editing, but my vacation worked for me. I'm more refreshed and ready to tackle anything. What about you? Do you work none, some or a lot on vacation?


Jacqueline Seewald said...

Hi, Morgan,

It's not to worry if you don't accomplish much work on a vacation because when you get back home to your regular life, you suddenly have a new or better perspective--thus you write better--as you observe. And I love your cover!

Randy Rawls said...

I'm retired in South Florida. I'm always on vacation in paradise.
The best part about writing for fun is you don't have to do it when something more interesting comes along. Glad you enjoyed your vacation.

Anonymous said...

I dragged my laptop along on a cruise last year. Hah! Next time, it stays home, and I relax without feeling I should be writing!ere

Anonymous said...

I have no idea how that last "ere" got tacked onto the end of my comment. :-)

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