Thursday, April 5, 2012

Getting Antsy

Getting Antsy
Randy Rawls

Is it April already? Yikes. Seems like only yesterday I was adjusting the hands on my clocks for Daylight Savings Time. Of course, it was only a couple of days ago I remembered to change the batteries in my smoke detectors—something I should have done with the time change. However, my point is that time seems to be zipping by, and at my age, that's not good.
In fact, it's zipping so fast I'm sure I won't be ready when HOT ROCKS is released in the Fall. But, fortunately, Midnight Ink is more organized than I. The publicity department has set up a conference call for April 20. I can just picture how that's going to go. They will have a concrete plan for me and ask for my input. I'll sit there with the phone in my ear and go, "Uh, uh . . ."
Since there are many successful authors who follow this blog and write on this blog, I'd sure appreciate some advice on what I should do to prepare myself for the conference call and for the book release. Postcards? Bookmarks? Press releases? Yes, I've had other books published, some seven of them, but this time, I feel like I need to work harder, be more prepared, be . . . Can't put a word on it, but whatever it is, I don't want to come off as a rank amateur—though I might well fit the definition.
So, if you ever had the desire to tell Randy where to get off—or get on—this is your opportunity to do it. Don't be bashful, Sylvia Dickey Smith and Earl Staggs do it all the time.

Randy Rawls


Earl Staggs said...

Best advice I can offer, Randy, is to prepare six one-liner soundbites for your protag and six for your plot. You'll be ready for anything.

The Supreme Empress of the Solid Sales Soundbite, of course, is Sylvia, and I know she'll be of more help.

But in all honesty, Randyman, I've seen you in action and you'll be great. Just be Randy.

Morgan Mandel said...

I agree that it helps to have a short description of your book, and have it typed out right in front of you, in case your mind goes blank like mine does sometimes. Also have a longer one ready, in case you're asked what else it's about.

Also, type out your website address, blogspot address, email address, or any other addresses you want to say and spell out for listeners, because you'd be surprised how you can forget simple things like that as well.

If you're on any social networks, mention that as well.

Have fun!

Bruce DeSilva said...

Ask the publisher to pay your way to conferences where you can commune with -- and build a loyal following of -- readers. Bouchercon, Left Coast Crime, Men of Mystery, Thrillefest, Killer Nashville. To name a few. There are lots of them, as you probably know. And if the publisher won't pay for it, invest in yourself and go anyway. That way, I'll see you there.