Saturday, October 26, 2013

Let's Put on a Show!

Did you know that there’s a Let’s Put on a Show subgenre in musical theater? (Why don’t people tap dance any more?)

The one who made the most lasting impression on me (and lots of other people) was Mickey Rooney

I’m not doing musical theater, though, I writing mysteries, as are most of you reading this, I suspect. What’s the equivalent in our field? Let’s put on a conference!

My former critique team in Austin TX is doing just this on November 6th. They’ve had great good luck getting local authors to donate time and talent and the sign ups are going well. I predict a block buster event. Take a gander at what’s going on: (Click on that header to get the whole picture.)

Have you ever thought about putting on an event like this? On this scale--or a bigger or smaller one? These gals have been organizing this for months and have thought of all the details, down to designing a logo for the event.

Hey, if you’re anywhere near Austin, you might want to sign up to attend this. If not, you might want to pay close attention and say, Let’s Put on a Conference!


Anonymous said...

Kaye, you are gooder 'n ary angel to blog about our Austin Mystery Writers workshop. If only you could be here, we'd have you on the program, too.

One tiny thing--the workshop will be on Saturday, November 9 (just turn the 6 upside down).

I had no idea there's a Let's Put on a Show subgenre. If we ever do one of those, I want to be Judy Garland. And if you want to see someone tap dance, try this (if I'm allowed to post a link):

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

I used to know how to tap dance, I learned in PE in junior high a thousand years ago. I hope someone will plan a conference closer to home. I do love Austin though, went there for a Bouchercon once.

Morgan Mandel said...

I've been to a number of conferences, either participating or attending. I come away with at least a few valuable hints and also make new friends.

Morgan Mandel

Kaye George said...

Things got away from me and I didn't realize there were these comments here! Kathy, sorry to mess up the date!!!

Marilyn, I took tap when I was 4 but don't remember much of it. Do what these gals did--put on your own conference.

I love them, Morgan! Love getting together with other writers and love learning as much from them as I can.

Thanks, all, for stopping by.