Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Desperately seeking a new hobby – interested crafts may apply below…

Back in my high school days, I took a class called Home Arts. We learned to knit, crochet, embroidery, and quilt. All in the span of nine weeks.

Since that time, I took up cross-stitch for a while. Eventually, I got bored and put it away for decoupaging ceramic geese and woven baskets.  I still have tons of colorful, patterned napkins, just waiting for me to find the right basket. And the time.

My cube mate is always bringing in things she’s thrown together over the weekend. Including boot toppers and knitted socks. And she works full time.

This summer, I’m serious about spending some time playing. We bought ATV’s and have taken them out a few times. I could crochet while we drove to the park. (I do have a half-finished baby blanket to complete.)

Or, I could make something out of that pile of antique fabric I bought at the flea market a few months ago.

Or, I could make Christmas baskets for my out of town relatives to fill with homemade candy and treats when the season approached.

I’m full of ideas.

Yet, I haven’t settled on one project, yet.  So chime in.

What craft do you think Lynn should take up this summer?  Doesn’t have to be one of the items listed above, I do love a bright and shiny new idea.

Do you craft? 


Anonymous said...

I'm probably the wrong person to ask because I have more hobbies than I have time, but I knit and crochet. A LOT. I even turned into a "yarn snob" when a friend invited me to come to a yarn festival near her. Not only did we have a great time fondling the yarn, studying colors in Just The Right Light (not easy to find in a crowded barn), and trading ideas for what to make, but we laughed and talked and had lunch and laughed some more. Half the time when we keep in touch, it's because of our projects in progress. Then there's also the fun of knitting/crocheting in public and having a complete stranger stop what they're doing to come ask, "Ooh, what're you making?" and having it turn into an extended conversation about how their mother's aunt's cousin made this afghan she still has...

But I also run as a hobby, and I read while exercising, and I have a full time job and two full time kids. I love to play with new recipes, and all the while my mind is dancing through my latest plot idea. My suggestion is to try a little of everything and wait to feel the passion. When something takes up all your free imagination, and you absolutely can't WAIT to get back to it, you'll know you've found it. Even if it's bungee-jumping. :)
(Clearly I'm no help here.)

Lynn Cahoon said...

I love that you have so many hobbies...makes me feel centered. LOL

The only thing I don't like about trying new recipes is shopping. Seems like I need a spice or two every time.

Now, I'm thinking about going to dig through my cookbooks.

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

No crafting for me. Used to do all sorts of crafts, knitted up a storm and wrote too. But time seems to have shrunk and I've decided to stay in the business of writing.