Monday, September 22, 2014

A Quick Tip

I've been busy with a household project of turning a junk room into a bedroom, so I've been off the Internet more than usual.

Still, I'd like to leave you with a quick tip. Consider including something about yourself in your books, but in a devious way.

If you enjoy going to local festivals, make a festival a setting, or give your character a love or hate for neighborly activities.

If you love to exercise, consider giving your character a love or hate for keeping in shape.

If you love chocolate, you could be really mean and make your character allergic to it.

Now you get the idea, go ahead and have fun including stuff from your own life without being obvious about it.

Morgan at a local event
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LD Masterson said...

My protag is a hot tea addict. All the other cops are drinking coffee and she's jonesing for a mug of tea. That's me.