Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Value of Fans by Marilyn Meredith

Some of you may have had a sneak peek at this post, since I mistakenly put it up the wrong day and didn't notice until the day was almost over. I ended up deleting the whole thing and starting over.

Recently at a fun and very successful Neighborhood Book Store event, I had a chance to realize how truly valuable fans could be.

The event was in a home in a nice residential district.  A sign in the front yard and at two nearby intersections directed people to the house.

One of the author's husband's took care of the signage. (And as you can tell by the photo, the weather cooperated with our event.)

There were eight of us--one, two or three with our book displays in several different rooms. The house flowed well for this kind of event, with the kitchen in the center where goodies were displayed and eaten.

I shared a table with another mystery writer in a pleasant room with comfortable chairs where folks could sit and chat with us.

Much advertising had gone on in the local area, newspaper article, postcard sized announcements left in a local small theater, several libraries and given out at book clubs and writing groups--plus, of course online announcements on Facebook and Twitter.

One of my fans of both series arrived quite early with a list of the books he already had--and then he bought all the latest that he hadn't read yet. That was an exciting way to start the day.

Other people came and asked about my series and bought one or two books. I also handed out many cards.

A woman I haven't seen since she moved to the town we were holding the event in (she used to live where I do which is an hour's drive away) came because she'd seen the flyer. She had always bought my books locally and caught up at this venue.

The day ended with a young man who has been a fan for years--though I only see him ever so often, came all excited and bought two books he hadn't read yet.

It was a great day--and I sold more books at this event then I do at many other much more public venues with many more people attending.


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Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

It was perfect day weather-wise. Since then it's been much colder. We left the front door open and on any Saturday since then, we couldn't have done that. Plus, we've been having some much needed rain.