Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Making my Passion a Habit

Make Mine Mystery

L Lee Kane
September 5, 2019

Last month I wrote about my difficuty with my computer. Next it was my mouse on the computer, but finally, I finished my novel and sent it off to the publisher. At the same time I sent off an article that I wrote regarding 'Making Your Passion a Habit,' to be featured in the newest Nina Amir books on writing.

It wasn't difficult for me to write about that subject because I'm naturally a habitual person. I have difficulty understanding why others can't get into a set pattern. It makes life simpler. Every day I do almost the same thing. I have seven horses and two dog that I feed, water, brush, and care for and that I love. For me this is a must! At noon I'm home and after lunch I begin to write, it could be for my blog on important women in history, a journal, or it could also be for a magazine I write for. It could even be for my next novel, or heaven forbid editing what my publisher sends back to me. Writing is not only my passion but it's my job, and it's important for me to do what I love to do. I write to share my life, my experience, to educate, or to inspire readers. I also write so that readers gain a greater understanding, skill, or excpertise in something I might have knowledge in.

But I forgot that when you have kids, or have a job, everything goes out the door. As an example, I picked up my grandkids for an over nighter, no big deal, right? Wrong. Parents couldn't pick them up so I took the kids out to the barn, but it wasn't easy. I was running all over the place so they didn't get in trouble with the pig, or stepped on or run over by a horse, or jumped on by a dog, and also trying to keep them away from the chickens and peacocks. I babysat so my son and wife could work extra shifts, When they called, they sounded exhausted so of course I babysat one more day. I counted the hours down so I could get back to more ritual of writing.

I do believe one should write everyday. I also believe things come up in one's life that make it difficult to do that, but if writing is what you want to do, need to do, make it your passion and write.

What an amazing thing to do to put into words, thousands of words, with phrases linked together by only one unique thread of commonality, that is of me as a writer sharing my craft, my love with others.


authorlindathorne said...

You have a lot on your plate. I mostly blame my day job when I don't get enough writing in. I sort of know I'm deceiving myself. I could write every day, but often I'm just worn out and my mind is stuck on work matters.

L Lee Kane said...

I agree, it's difficult to write everyday when you have a full time job and/or kids running about.

Morgan Mandel said...

I need to make writing a habit that I must do every day. Not easy when I have a dog who requires a lot of attention and time, but also gives me tons of good exercise! Also, since I'm retired, I'm at home a lot and things bug me if they're not done. When I worked, I ignored a lot of what was going on in the home. And, there's Facebook and other social media which take up time. Those are all excuses, but the main one is I lack discipline lately when it comes to buckling down and writing.