Thursday, December 11, 2008

Does the Economy affect YOUR Reading Habits?

It's Christmas time and if the news about the economy is to be believed, we're all broke. So my question to you is, how is this affecting your reading? I don't just mean your book buying habits. I've seen no surveys on this issue but I do have a couple of friends who work in libraries who assure me that they are busier than ever. I'm guessing that means two things: 1. more people are getting books from the libraries because they are cutting back on buying. 2. Lots of mothers can't afford after-school programs and so they are telling the kids to go to the library after school (Hey, it happens.)
This isn't one of those buy more books for Christmas posts, you'll see enough of these in the blogsphere right now. Although, by all means, buy more books. They are relatively inexpensive, very portable and can provide a very emotional experience. Buy Safe House, Reader's Eden is having a 40% off sale for Christmas.
My question though is more about how you navigate tough times. Do you gravitate towards less scary books when things are stressful? Is the current economy making you think more cozy mystery rather than tense thriller? Are you crossing horror totally off your list right now and gravitating towards Romance? Or do you tend to read the same genre regardless of what's happening? Take a sec, and tell me what you think.


Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

I'm still reading whatever I can get my hands on and enjoying it, no matter what that might be. A good scare is still okay. Mysteries are my favorites no matter what's going on.

Hoping there are some looking for books, I'm spending the next two days in an Art Gallery with a table full of books to sell while the artists are selling their wares.


Morgan Mandel said...

It depends on my mood what I read. Same thing with what I write. Sometimes I just want something light, other times, I enjoy a good scare. Then, sometimes, I need information and I read a how-to book, usually with something to do with writing.

Morgan Mandel

Cheryl said...

I pretty much read what authors send me to review, but for books that I buy it's usually something I am searching for. I'm not an impulse shopper, so if I make a purchase it's because I've heard of the book and wanted to read it.


Mark Troy said...

I look for more stories in which the bad guy is a greedy laissez-faire capitalist CEO who gets his comeuppance in a very grisly and satisfying manner.

Dana Fredsti said...

Christine, excellent post and I apologize for commenting so late in the game...
I read every spare second I have, meaning I carry a book with me at all times. My reading habits don't change - they just increase when I'm stressed. I've been spending very carefully and presents for other people are either homemade OR books this year!