Thursday, February 12, 2009

Indie Bound

by Christine Duncan
I was going to write a post on mystery research on the internet, since my last post here was on real world research opportunities for mystery writers. However as I was on Facebook the other day social networking, (okay, messing around, but doesn't social networking sound like I really had a purpose?) I came across a post from IndieBound that I wanted to help spread.

 What is IndieBound? To quote from their own site, " IndieBound is a socially conscious movement in support of independent businesses and shopping locally, starting
with indie bookstores.

MakeMineMystery has had posts about independent booksellers before. I think the indies are the one who tend to give new writers a
chance and beyond that, as someone who relies on a small business for my own support, (What? you thought I made a living writing? I only wish!) I am a big proponent of small business. Indiebound
gives writers a chance to affiliate with small bookstores through a website link the same way many do with Amazon. And for
readers, the site helps you find independent bookstores in your area and even search their websites for books you are interested in. They have an Indie Bestseller list and a monthly, Indie Next list which tells you what books, independent booksellers are
handselling across the nation.

And it's not limited to books.The mission of
IndieBound is to spread the word about small business, hoping to help strengthen main street in each community. Talk about a stimulus package! And when you buy local, you know where the money is going. So if anybody is getting a trip to Vegas out of it, you aren't surprised.

End of
message. I return you to your regularly
scheduled blog. And in two weeks, I
hope to be back with research opportunities for mystery writers on the


Morgan Mandel said...

Sounds like a great site to check out.
Thanks for the info.
Morgan Mandel

Dana Fredsti said...

While I definitely prefer buying from and supporting indie bookstores, I've had mixed support as an author with a smaller publisher. Some of the indies have been wonderful. Others, including a local store in my neighborhood, have had, shall we say, attitudes. That being said, it breaks my heart every time I hear about an indie bookstore going out of business. We're losing Stacey's Books in's been around for years.