Tuesday, September 14, 2021

A Question for Readers

 What makes you buy a book?

Does a catch cover intrigue you? Or what about the title?

Do you look for books written by your favorite author?

Do you subscribe to any of those promos for free or .99 cent e-books?

Messages sent to you by Amazon telling your about the latest mystery or thriller or romance intrigue you enough to make you buy?

Here's how it is with me:

I have some author friends whose new books I will always buy.

I also have some authors who have series that I may usually buy.

Sometimes Amazon sends me a list of free books that I can choose one from--and yes, I usually find a book to try. Because of that, I've read several new to me authors with great books. 

Lately I've been purchasing mostly e-books for my Kindle. And to be honest, I have so many on there and so little time to read, it my be a while before I get to them all. Mainly I don't have a lot of reading time because I'm in the middle of writing another book--well more like the first quarter. 

I have other jobs I need to do, and my husband is at an age where he needs more attention. However, reading is still something I squeeze in whenever I have the opportunity. It's the best way to get away from whatever is going on in the world today.

I'll be interested to hear your answers to my questions.


And this is one of my favorite covers.


Jackie Houchin said...

What makes me buy a book? Usually it's because I've read and enjoyed an author or series. Sometimes the cover catches me and makes me curioius. Also it depends on the genre - some I will NOT read, but in genres I enjoy I'm liable to pick up a new book in a series to try if the premise sounds interesting. I've gotten so I don't like the "typical" cozy mystery with dogs or cats, baking or sewing, libraries or bookstores. It just seems like there are SO MANY of them. I also like mysteries or suspense set in foreign countries.
And... recently I've been buying more non-fiction.

Hope this helps Marilyn.

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Thanks for commenting, Jackie. I do know there are sorts of reasons why people buy books, I hope I'll get more comments.

Morgan Mandel said...

I read almost exclusively on my kindle. Doing so is easier on the eyes. Books take up a lot of space and can also be heavy to lug around. My kindle holds at least 200 books on it. I confess to clicking for free kindle books if the story sounds appealing. I like sweet romances and cozy mysteries particularly. If I like an author, I might also buy another of that author's books that sounds appealing.

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Thanks for your comments, Morgan. I used to buy paper books only, but now I buy for my Kindle.

B. A. Mealer said...

What makes me buy a book? That is complicated. I have gotten free books from an author and liked it so much that I've bought others of their books. The cover may get my attention or the title, but the excerpt is what will sell it. I'll read the first couple of pages then buy it if it hooks me.

But what turns me off is a high price for an e-book. I'm on limited funds and I refuse to pay $14.99 for an e-book. Even $9.99 is a too much. I will pay that $4.99 for that e-book if I like the author. That is my price point on e-books. Paperback are a different story. $12-14.99 is expected.

Like you, I have a ton of books on my Kindle and Kobo readers and limited time to read. My reading is frequently determined by what title and cover catches my interest at the moment or what genre I want to read. Currently I have a romance and fantasy book started. The fantasy will take time as it is over 800 pages. The romance should be done this week. Then, depending on my mood, I'll pick another book from my many choices. And yes, I do review all the e-books I get from Amazon and other places if there is a way to review it.

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Thanks for your comprehensive answer, B.A. I tend to pick mysteries, sometimes thrillers, and books by my favorite authors.