Tuesday, March 21, 2023

A Bargain is Coming

I  usually drop the price on older books, but this time it's for a fairly new one. THE TRASH HAREM. 

Beginning March 20 and until Marh 27, the price for the Kindle editon is only .99 cents.



Now retired from her job as a sheriff’s deputy, she receives a message from friends who once lived in Bear Creek and attended her husband’s, Pastor Hutch, church. The friend, Jonathan, is a suspect in a murder of one of the residents in a retirement community in Temecula where he and his wife now live. The retirement community includes many quirky individuals who might have had a better motive than Jonathan While attempting to solve the mystery; Tempe has several visitations by Earle Stanley Gardner, the famous mystery writer who gives her some suggestions. A bit of history of the Pechanga Indians is woven in including the revered Pechanga Old Oak. You’ll have to read the book to find out what a trash harem is. 

The cover photo depicts the ancient Pechanga Oak revered by the Pechanga Indians.


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