Wednesday, May 15, 2024


by Janis Patterson

I wish I could play the violin - I’d play something slow and sad and which plucks the heartstrings.

Saying good-bye is always so hard. 

I have blogged on Make Mine Mystery since 15 August 2012, at least once a month, and for a few years twice. It’s been a big part of my life for over a decade.

However, over the last few years - since the covid crazies, really - things have changed. One by one the other bloggers have dropped away. The readership has declined steadily. The very concept of blogging isn’t the bright shiny thing it used to be. I’m the only one who has posted here in at least half a year, and though I love it, there is only so much time and there are so many demands for my time that it is with great reluctance it is time to let it go.

The lady who owns the blog is a writer herself and she understands, so we have come to the decision that Make Mine Mystery is better off going dormant. We are going to leave the blog up, so if you want to go back and read past entries or if something so wonderful (like a new release or a big award) comes up we will be able to share it with you Make Mine Mystery will still be there. It just won’t be on a regular schedule.

Like I said, Make Mine Mystery has been a big part of my life for a loooong time. I have loved sharing my joys and problems and techniques and a lot of other things with you, have loved the interaction with you, have loved hearing what you have to say. I have loved it so much that in spite of diminishing interest this has not been an easy decision for me. 

But there are so many demands on my time - I’m doing a lot of public speaking/teaching now. I still try to do three to five books a year. (Last year was anomalous with just two, but I did rerelease 23 of my backlist!) My husband is now retired and we are doing a lot of the things we have dreamed of for years. And... just Life. You know what I mean. 

I appreciate your attention, your comments, your friendship over all these years. And you will be missed.

Like I said, saying good-by is always so hard. I will miss you all.


Kevin R. Tipple said...

Sad to see this. You are always welcome at my place.

Mary Hagen Author said...

I'll miss your blogs. Good luck to your new endeavors.

Morgan Mandel said...

Thanks for all you've done at Make Mine Mystery, Janis Susan. Much success with all your myriad endeavors.
Yes, occasionally our bloggers will post special news here. It may be goodbye for now, but not forever. Also thanks to all who have taken the time to leave comments here.