Friday, May 4, 2012

Best Supporting Character Interview

You usually hear the best supporting character term in relation to movie actors, but in this case it involves a novel character. This woman plays the major role outside the protagonist in Beware the Jabberwock, a Post Cold War thriller available in the Kindle Store. Her name is Lorelei Quinn. Let's get to the interview.

MMM: Welcome to our blog, Miss Quinn.

LQ: My pleasure.

MMM: I understand you're in the travel business. Tell us a little about your background.

LQ: My dad worked in various embassy assignments, so I grew up well-traveled. I loved writing, though, and when it came time for college, I studied journalism at the University of Wisconsin. After graduation, I got a job a job as a reporter for the English language Herald Tribune in Paris.

MMM: That must have been a real plum.

LQ: I'll admit I got some help from an old friend of my dad's.

MMM: I hear by the grapevine that you made a little detour to Camp Peary in northern Virginia before journeying to Paris.

LQ: Somebody has been talking too much. But I've made no big secret that I once worked for the CIA. It's actually how I got into the travel business. I left the newspaper to work as a travel agent, taking tours around Europe, both East and West. It provided a handy cover for operating behind the Iron Curtain.

MMM: You followed in the footsteps of your father, Cameron Quinn, didn't you?

LQ: Dad began his clandestine career with General William Donovan in the OSS during World War II.

MMM: Doesn't your Clipper Cruise and Travel have a relationship with the CIA?

LQ: If I denied it, you would probably say I'm lying.

MMM: But you deny it?

LQ: Yes.

WWW: Your main office in Rosslyn has some beautiful paintings of old clipper ships. What's the significance?

LQ: I have loved sailing for years. I go out frequently with some friends.

WWW: I understand you were involved in a pretty scary sailing expedition related to Operation Jabberwock.

LQ: Somebody's been talking too much. But it's true. We were caught in a bad storm at night south of the Florida Gulf coast.

WWW: Didn't  you have some other pretty frightening experiences during that time?

LQ: I'm sorry, but I'm not allowed to comment any further about that operation. Your readers will just have to refer to the Jabberwock report.

WWW: Thank you, Miss Quinn. Good luck with your future ventures. If you'd like to find out more about the exciting adventures of Lori Quinn and her friend, Burke Hill, you can access the "report" at this link.

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She does lead an exciting life.

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