Monday, May 28, 2012

What Scares You?

With the exception of anything political, are there certain things that really give you the willies?

Spiders and lizards and snakes are some folks bug-a-boos. When you live in an old house in the country like ours, you get used to dispatching spiders, grabbing a lizard and shooing it outside, and staying out of a snake's way. (I call my husband to take care of those.) We also have scorpions that trespass inside. I even had one in bed with me once--I don't like them, but they don't scare me.

I don't like heights. I don't mind flying, but it makes me uncomfortable to even see kids standing at the edge of a cliff. (The Grand Canyon made me a nervous wreck.) Driving on a winding mountain road with a drop off is horrifying to me. I no longer do the driving on such roads and as a passenger I stare away from the drop off.

Some people are afraid of the dark. Doesn't bother me at all. In fact I sleep better if it's really dark.

I don't like the L.A. freeways and some of the drivers are downright scary they way they drive in and out, barely missing the cars they pass.

Escalators are one of my bugaboos. Oh, I get on the, but I have to hang on to both sides. In airports I always look for the elevator as I can't manage my luggage and an escalator. Back when I was a kid, and escalators weren't nearly as safe as they are now, someone got caught in an escalator and was pretty mangled before it was turned off. I've even had nightmares about escalators.

Are you afraid of ghosts? Not me, I love to visit haunted places. Never have actually seen a ghost, though I've felt what might've been their presence. All of our grandkids insist our house is haunted. Doors to open and shut when no one is around, My philosophy is despite movies to the contrary, a ghost can't hurt you.
I've included ghosts in many of my Deputy Tempe Crabtree series.

What about being home alone? There have been times in earlier years when we've had someone try to get in the house when I was alone with kids. I was brave in those days and grabbed a baseball bat and ran after the person, swinging the bad and hollering. I'm home alone off and on here, but I can't imagine anyone wanting to come down here with evil on the mind. If someone did, I suspect I'd manage to deal with it.

So what are your fears? What scares you the most?


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