Thursday, September 5, 2013

That "Wanna Get There" Zone
By Randy Rawls

   Do you have a point in your writing when you just "wanna get there?"  Okay, allow me to explain. I'm referring to that point in the story where you've finished one action section and are ready for the next action section. But, before you can get there, you have to transition between the two.
   That's where I am in my current WIP.  It's book 3 in the Beth Bowman series. Beth has been hired as a bodyguard for a crooked politician. A significant event happens which changes the scope of the story. Now we're ready for Beth to move forward into the next "exciting" portion of the story. But between the two lies that dreaded "transition."  Might be one chapter, two, or even more. No matter how many, it has to be faced. Can't jump straight from the frying pan into the fire—have to climb up the side of the pan first. That's my "wanna get there" zone.
   While my brain knows how it should be handled and how to present it, my fingers want to ignore it and get on with the "good" stuff. Yet, I know I can't do that—I must present the whole story. Leave the giant leaps to the comic books and the movies.
   Does this happen to you? Do you reach a point in the story where you wish the next few chapters would write themselves and leave you alone? Do you have more important (and interesting) things to write?  If so, you know what I mean about my "wanna get there" zone.
   And, if it does happen to you, I'd love to know how you handle it?

   We're into September. That means only two more months until BEST DEFENSE is released onto the world in November. BEST DEFENSE is book 2 in the Beth Bowman series and involves the kidnapping of a five-year-old girl. Is there a nastier offense in our society? Perhaps, but don't tell me what it is. And, of course, Beth thinks the same way I do. J

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