Sunday, January 5, 2020

Bundle Rabbit

Make Mine Mystery

January 5, 2020
Linda Lee Kane

Bundle Rabbit

  Have any of you heard of this marketing group? I hadn’t but one of the authors I worked with in Death Among Us found it and put our book, with the permission of all of the contributors into this bundling service.

  This is a do-it-yourself bundle service and it distributes to Kobo, Amazon, and the other usual suspects. You can first join as an author as I did, watch it for awhile, if you like it, you can wait to see if you are picked up by other authors, or you can look for other authors to bundle with you. You may decide to become a curator.

   If you decide you want to forgo waiting to be picked up and decide to become a curator, all you have to do is follow Diane’s advice- She explains everything about how Bundle Rabbit works for authors.

  What’s great about this service is they collect the money and pay you directly. No dividing up among other authors which is difficult.

  I’m still in the process of watching everything as an author but I’m thinking why not bundle all of my books together and see what happens. I’ll keep waiting and watching. Until then, Happy New Year!


authorlindathorne said...

Good information. Thanks for sharing it. Good post. Hope you have a great 2020 New Year.

Morgan Mandel said...

Let us know how you like it. Sounds like an interesting concept as long as it doesn't cost too much.