Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The Coronavirus Makes Many Changes

I read what I wrote the second Tuesday of the month, and so much has changed since then.

The two conferences I mentioned have been cancelled, as has the regular meeting of one of the writers groups I attend. And of course it all began with the cancellation of Left Coast Crime which I hadn't planned on attending, but was looking forward to hearing all about it via Facebook.

Now the big problem lies in taking care of oneself, trying to find toilet paper and food in the stores.

Though I'm in the group that's supposed to stay at home, I must venture out to try and find what we need to exist.

One thing about staying home most of the time is I'll get a whole lot more writing done. I've also done a lot more praying. I'm a praying person anyway, but now I have a new topic to pray for: the health of my friends and the end of this new virus.

What about the rest of you? What are you doing these days with all the new rules we all have to follow?



Morgan Mandel said...

We were at three stores the past week which contained toilet paper. We only bought from one of them. Also, limits were enforced, which was a great idea. We found everything on our grocery lists, except for Clorox wipes.

Susan said...

Luckily I have always believed in having a month's supplies on hand (pioneer genes, I suppose) so we have an adequacy of toilet paper, paper towels and food. I did go shopping for some elderly (90+) family members and dear friends, and picked up a few more things for us as well. The stores looked like Venezuela the first time, but yesterday there were supplies - scant and rationed, but at least there. As I have a big pack of toilet paper from Sam's (which we buy regularly every couple of months) as yet unopened I didn't get any. The thing which startled me was while our store had a little of just about everything necessary, they were out of yeast and baking powder! I had decided to fire up the old bread machine, but had no yeast... and none to be found. Drat. Maybe next week... Hope everyone is staying safe and secure. And Marilyn, yes you are in the danger age group (I am too!) so why don't you let your younger family members shop for you? I don't have that option, but you do. Please protect yourself and your husband.

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

We go at hours when hardly anyone is there. One thing that shocked me was that there was no rice or beans on the shelf. We have lots of beans, but rice was dwindling. Managed to find a huge bag which should last for the duration. We live in a really small town, in a small county. Not many cases--none in our town.

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