Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Building and Maintaing Supense for your Mystery

 I was the moderator for this panel--here is what was shared:

First of course, every novel must have conflict.

1. Let the reader know what's at stake.

2.  The main character has to work against the clock.

3. Uncertainty.

4. Awkward challenges--moral dilemmas.

5. Suspenseful happenings.

6. Chapter endings--leaving things hanging.

7. Create a promise, hidden identity, a puzzle

8. Use flashbacks.

9. Characters with complicated histories.

10. Create a hero the reader will believe in and care about--and is vulnerable. 

11. Create a great villain, smart, motivated and a worthy opponent for the hero.

12. Dramatic irony.

13. A countdown

Of course there was much more--but these should help.



Morgan Mandel said...

Great writing tips to incorporate!

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