Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Naming Characters

Giving your characters names that fit them isn't always so easy.

I'm writing what I am sure will be my last DeputyTempe Crabtree mystery, and I had to name some new characters in Tempe's world. (I thought End of the Trail would be the last one, then I wrote The Trash Harem.)

Over the years I've saved graduation programs nad the casts in various plays. Lately, I've been paying attention to the credits of TV shows--and my goodness, what a variety of names are there.

If an author is writing a book set back in time, it's important to not use modern names--for instance a Buffy, Candy, Dusty, etc.

You don't want to give away the villian by an obvious name that will pinpoint him or her--unless it's known from the start who the bad guy or gal is. 

Heroes and heroines need strong names. And I must confess, if I didn't like someone with a certain name, I'll certainly be influenced by that.

It's a good idea to try not to use names that begin with the same letter or rhyme or you'll confuse your reader.

Also try not to use names for your main characters with the same number of syllables. A variety is always better. 

Just a few tips I've learned over the years. 

Happy writing.


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