Thursday, July 29, 2010

Home Grown by Christine Duncan

Our little once a week newspaper has had a recent feature about most popular county attractions. You know the type of coffee shop, best bookstore, best local park.

It was a great idea but the problem was that none of the stuff ended up being local. The best coffee shop was Starbucks??? Please, I can tell you about this wonderful place in Olde Town Arvada called La Dolce Vita. (I'll see you guys on Saturday. Save a sticky bun for me!) The best bookstore was Barnes and Noble? No wonder small business is having a bad time right now.

Anyway, the local library is doing the same thing periodically, by having a display guessed it...local authors. And I love it. I have read Marlys Millheiser (she's out of Boulder Colorado.) and Francine Matthews and... well anyway you get the drift.

So I'm wondering--you authors out there--have you thought about doing some kind of promo like this with YOUR library? And you readers, do you read a book just because it's set somewhere you know well or that you are going to travel to?

Christine Duncan is the author of the Kaye Berreano mystery series. Book two, Safe House is available now


Elizabeth McKenzie said...

Good ideas, thanks.

Mark Troy said...

Does your local coffee shop sponsor readings by local authors or sell their books?

Christine Duncan said...

Hmm, good thought Mark. I'll check.