Saturday, December 5, 2015

I am bewildered

I write an "every fifth Monday" blog here, so, last Monday I wrote "We all need a little more KOH-ZEE" and hit publish.

A couple of days later I checked in to MMM to see if there were comments to answer.  No comments, and NO blog.  When I click my desk top connection to Make Mine Mystery here, (created by my tech) the completed blog comes up in our regular format, but it's alone.  Says 15 views, no comments. When I go to Make Mine Mystery itself, no post!  I have tried and tried to figure out what happened, and even tried to re-post it (out of date) but nothing. 

The record shows I began a draft on 11-22.  That was me, only checking to make sure my connection to MMM at my new email address still worked  (  It worked, so, not realizing I had left my mark, I left the site and waited until the 30th.

Apologies, and I did try--and try--and try.  I'll get my tech to see if he can figure out what is happening next time he comes.  I sure hope to get this fixed before my next blog date--on Feb. 29!!


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authorlindathorne said...

I'd be interested to find out what happened. If you or your tech find the source of the problem, I hope you'll share as this is like a mystery story. I have things like this happen to me from time to time on different sites and my own blog, but normally I find out it's something little I didn't do and it's corrected in plenty of time. I go through the initial panic first though. This sounds like a complicated glitch.