Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Holiday Spirit

Yes, I do have it, and right now I'll say, Merry Christmas everyone.

The best part of Christmas is spending time with family. I have a big one, so no matter where some are going a few will end up at our house on Christmas Eve for dinner and gifting.

I've done all the decorating I'm going to do. Hubby can't help me drag things out of the closet anymore, so I've kept the decorations at a minimum. We have a couple of table-top trees, three Nativity Scene, and around the fireplace my collection of stuffed animals, primarily moose.

Since we have little great-grandkids who come over often, my moose become popular play toys--and I love it.

A ceramic village adorns the mantle, and that's also where I display Christmas cards. So much fun to hear from friends and relatives we haven't seen for years.

We went to our first and only Christmas party at our church. This is not a sedate bunch. Everyone brought great food to share and a wrapped Christmas ornament. One by one people chose a package to unwrap and either kept what they got or stole someone else's that they liked better. Much laughter ensued.

And to insert something about mysteries, I attended a brand new chapter of Sisters in Crime in Bakersfield and shared what it takes to write nearly 40 books. What a welcoming group they were. They greeted me warmly, listened intently, asked great questions, and bought many books.

I'd like to hear you holiday plans whether it be for Christmas or some other celebration.

Marilyn aka F. M.

My two latest mysteries are Not as it Seems and Violent Departures.


Amy M. Bennett said...

Love hearing about everyone's Christmas celebrations! Have a blessed Christmas season!

GBPool said...

The Christmas Spirit is alive and well in our house, too. Even though we have a very small family and most live far away, we still have that old relic, the telephone, to say Merry Christmas and chat for an hour or so. No texting. I have too much to say to pare it down to a few obscure keystrokes. So once again, Merry, Merry Christmas. And Happy New Year, too.

authorlindathorne said...

Our Christmas will be low key because we've sort of already celebrated it. We drove to our St. Louis, Missouri daughter and son-in-law's home with their two kids. Our other daughter from Portland flew in with her husband and baby. So most of us were together for the first time in a while and we even opened gifts. My husband and I will be alone Christmas Day, but it will still be nice. The Christmas music, being off work, and the possibility of snow, will keep us feeling the holiday spirit. Sounds like you'll be having a Merry Christmas. Have a Happy New Year too.

Morgan Mandel said...

I'm the decorator in my family. I've put up less lately, but some tried and true decorations I like to use every year. Instead of a giant tree, I keep fiber optic, small tree on an end table. I also have some light sets that make the house festive, and a ceramic small tree that lights up.

Works for us!

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

I'm glad my Make Mine Mystery friends have got the Christmas spirit too.

Savor each day of this holiday time.