Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Library Visits

This year, thanks to attending a book fest in Fresno, I was asked to visit several Fresno area libraries and give a presentation. I love libraries and they are probably my favorite place to give talks.

The first one was on the 17th at the Gillis Library in Fresno. The following one is on July 8th at the big library, in downtown Fresno, followed by one in Fowler on the 22nd, and on th 29th in Selma. There are two more in August.

I'm on a roll with libraries, as on June 24th, I'll be over in Paso Robles at their library, doing a workshop with two other authors. This one was arranged by the Central Coast Sisters in Crime. I've belonged to this group for years even though it's a 3 plus hour drive for me, it gives me a chance to visit the coast, one of my favorite places.

And on Tuesday, June 27th, at 6:30 p.m. I'll be with another author friend at the Exeter Library. (This one is not quite an hour away.) A book club has read my first Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery and will be attending, so I can expect questions about it and the series.

I'll give a report on the other visits and how they turned out.

Tell me about either attending library author presentations and what you liked or didn't like, or if you're an author, do you like doing library presentations?



Morgan Mandel said...

I used to do library presentations and also attended them. Lately, there haven't been as many opportunities.

beth@imapurple.net said...

So happy to hear of your success with events at libraries. Since childhood, I have treasured trips to the library and am thrilled that all branches of the Atlanta-Fulton County and the Detroit Public Library Systems now have the first eight books of my middle school mystery series The Picaresque of √ćmagine Purple (http://imaginepurple.com.

In fact in August, I went to the Elmwood Branch in Detroit and taught my favorite workshop, “How to Turn Your Adventures into Stories.” Sharing that concept and my series with summer readers proved a joy and worth the long trip.

Last October, I exhibited at the Georgia Council of Media Organizations (COMO) and Southeastern Library Association (SELA) Conference in Athens, GA and found many librarians interested in my series with its enrichment approach. While there I attended a workshop called “Libraries and Writers, A Symbiotic Relationship” presented by David Darracott, one of Georgia’s top authors. His appeal for protectors of literature (librarians) to work more closely with content makers (authors) stirred me to write many libraries previously contacted over the years. Below Darracott describes a challenging premise:

"Most librarians are highly respectful of writers and think libraries should display a healthy range of new work. Few librarians, however, understand how essential libraries have become in introducing their patrons to the most current and varied works of writers today. In fact, upheaval in the world of publishing makes libraries more vital than ever in the book discovery process. Since publishers offer less selection every year through normal retail channels, librarians exercise a powerful role in connecting writers and readers. Without libraries, few working writers could ever reach their audience."

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Thank you, Morgan, and Beth for your comments.