Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Radine Trees Nehring recently wrote about not having enough time to read what with all the necessary tasks of being a writer. I'm going to expand on that theme a bit.

Over the years I've found that there are far too many tasks both as a wife, mother/grandmother and writer that demand my time.

Years ago, I wrote, painted and knitted. When I became the owner/administrator of a 6 bed facility for developmentally disabled women--the demands on my time multiplies. The women, their needs and all that came with running the facility (which was also our home) left me little free time for much. I knew I had to make the decision between writing and art projects. I decided writing was what I liked to do best and gave the other two pursuits up. At that time social media was just beginning to blossom.

After twenty-plus years, hubby and I retired from the care business--it truly had to be number one because it entailed the health and well-being of others. At the time, hubby and my eldest adult son both had cancer, my focus had to be on them. After treatment, hubby was cured, son passed on to be with the Lord.

Years have gone by. Hubby and I are both slowing down and have lots more doctor visits. I'm still writing, of course because I love it. Because I write I must do a lot of promotion in order for people to know about my latest book(s). Every author know that takes a lot of time.

My family has grown so much! I love seeing and spending time with each and everyone, and of course that takes time away from other pursuits, but to me that is a most important priority.

Of course I love to read--I always have books on my Kindle, and usually a paper book too. If someone I know and like asks me to read a book and give them a blurb I almost always do that too.

And then there are the writing contests--there are two that I always agree to help judge--more reading that is not necessarily of my choosing and takes time to do it fairly.

So what do I do? How do I choose my priorities? This is one of those one day at a time judgment calls--what is most important to get done today? I make a list and get to work--crossing each item off when I'm done.

And yes, I leave time to do some fun things with my husband, though not nearly as much as we used to do.

So tell me, what are your priorities?


The latest Tempe book--I'm still working on the next one.


authorlindathorne said...

I'm still adjusting to my 9-year job being eliminated. I'll need to establish some sort of routine soon as I get distracted too often. Some times I read longer than I should or stay on social media and don't get to the writing. Sometimes it's disruptions at home. I thought I'd have tons of time if I didn't have my prior full-time job, but I'm not organized. I'm also looking for a job, but with little luck, so I need to plan on the probability of being home for a long time. The next time this question comes up, I hope to have a good answer on how I plan my priorities. Right now, I have no system.

Patricia Gligor's Writers Forum said...

I've always admired you for your ability to accomplish so much. Writing, promoting, friends, family, church. . . .
Like you, I try to take things one day at a time and to make a list each day of what I want/need to get done. Some days go better than others. :)

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Linda, try to organize you day, pick the time you're going to write, then do it.

Patricia, I don't accomplish near what I once did--most of the time I feel like I'm merely plodding along.

Thanks, both of you, for commenting.

Radine Trees Nehring said...

Priority after most recent book was published is (as I had promised) spending time with my husband doing things he wanted to do for a change. For over 25 years he has supported my writing career, traveling with me to events, taking care of book stock and ordering and records and also, as he puts it, being "chauffeur and baggage handler." He also helps straighten out computer mysteries.

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

John is a most excellent husband, Radine. Hope you're both having fun.

Morgan Mandel said...

You still get a lot more accomplished than I could ever manage!

authorlindathorne said...

Thank you for all the positive forces. I agree that Marilyn's production of books is amazing. I don't know how she does it either.

Anonymous said...

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