Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Starting a New Rocky Bluff P.D. Mystery

As I write this, I have four paragraphs on paper. I've come up with two new characters--the murder victim, one suspect, and a new police officer.

However, I have lots of ideas for what will happen with my ongoing characters in their lives--thanks to my writers' group. I asked them to brainstorm with me and since they know all the regular characters because they've listened to all the previous books, they came up with some great ideas.

What they suggested gave me an idea for the title and the overall theme of this particular book.

I feel good about where I'm going and I'm well on my way.

At the same time, I've sent the next Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery off to the publisher, A Cold Death, and the editor has it in her hands, and the cover artist my idea for the cover. The publisher is shooting for an August release. We'll see.

Now I must get busy and write a chapter so I have something to read to  my critique group.

I'll have this week and a couple of days of next week to write--then I'm off to Las Vegas to the Public Safety Writers Association's annual conference. It's the only one I'm going to because we can easily drive there--or I should say my daughter can easily drive us there.

I'm one of the instructors for the pre-conference workshop, and I'll be a moderator for one panel and on another. I know so many people who attend this conference, both writers and law enforcement folks, it's like going to a family reunion.

And I have three library visits this month. I've really been enjoying these library visits.

How is your summer coming along--writing, reading, or otherwise?


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