Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Slowly But Surely, It's Coming Back


Someone was asking me a question.

The Porterville Art Association hosted me for a talk and book signing last Saturday at their Art Gallery.

They've never closed during this pandemic continuing with their art classes and spotlighting various artists and their works. 

I was invited there last year too. This year I spoke about the Importance of Setting in Fiction. I don't think there were any aspiring writers in attendance, mostly it was people interested in hearing me talk about my books--among them were a couple of my friends. 

It was a small enough group that people could keep space between them. Some wore masks, others didn't. 

I brought a small sampling of books--my latest one, of course, THE TRASH HAREM, and I also had a copy each of my first books, two historical family sagas--and they both sold.  I did well, considering the small size of the group.

Next up, is a one day Fall Festival held in my own town of Springville. It is taking the place of the big Apple Festival which  hasn't happened because of Covid. This event will be much smaller that the other one. I have an ideal spot. The hard part is getting set up because I need help to do it.

After that is the Holiday Boutique, a two day event at the Porterville Art Gallery. I love doing this one because it's inside, the table and chairs are provided, and they usually have a steady stream of customers.

I love hanging out with the folks who run the gallery and yes, I do buy some of their gifts on sale. Plus it's a good time to really take a good look at all the paintings.

So, it is really coming back, and I'm happy.

By the way, I'm also having a .99 cent sale on Kindle for Angel Lost, it's going on all week.


Marilyn who writes the RBPD mystery series as F. M. Meredith


authorlindathorne said...

Good for you! You keep working at your writing and marketing your books. As far as the Pandemic, I hope it disappears. My husband and I got our booster vaccines. So many people we know have already caught it. It may be running out of victims. No matter what, we'll all be glad to see it disappear. The sooner the better.

Keep writing and stay safe.

Ufa88kh said...
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Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Thanks, Linda, we've had the Covid twice. Hubby was really sick the first time, 2nd time we came through easily. We are doing food for really old people.