Monday, April 6, 2009

Killer Career

Sometimes I think my secretarial career is killing me, but thank God I have my writing career to fall back on. Right now I'd like to write full-time, but can't afford to give up my day job and follow my passion.

Julie McGuire, the lady lawyer in my new mystery, Killer Career, can afford to do so, but other obstacles stand in her way. One's her mentor, the psychotic best-selling mystery author, Tyler Jensen. The other's her best friend and law partner, Dade Donovan, who thinks she's got a screw loose for wanting to abandon her lucrative law career. Of course, both guys are jealous as hell of each other. Also, there's the matter of some unexplained murders going on.

Can Julie safely make the transition? How many people will die in the process?

You'll find out when my new mystery gets published, which should be some time this summer.

What about you? Do you write full time? Would you like to? Please share.


Mark Troy said...

There are some drawbacks to writing full time. Sara Paretsky said in an interview that when she went to writing full time she lost ordinary contact with people in their ordinary world. That kind of contact was important keeping her characters fresh. Rick Riodan once told me he thought that when he quit teaching and wrote full time he would be more productive, but he wasn't.

Akum said...

Writing full time can be a tough task.. especially if your financial status is weak..

Dana Fredsti said...

I could happily write full time if I could afford to quit the day job. I'm social enough to make sure I get out and about to connect with people and can't imagine a better lifestyle than I had when I took two weeks off, walked on the beach every morning, then wrote for 6-8 hours. I WANT it!

Anonymous said...

I write full time, but I stay involved with other activities also so as to not be "out of touch" as Mark mentioned.

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

I'm 'retired' and therefore should be able to write full-time. However, I find there are still not enough hours in the day to write as much as I would like, market, blog etc. and still function as a wife, mother, grandma and friend.

Jane Kennedy Sutton

Maryannwrites said...

I write full time and have for most of my career, but I would not be able to do it without the financial support of my husband as my writing income has always fallen a bit short of what would pay all the bills.

Mark makes a good point about a job taking you out to meet ordinary folks that helps with characterizations, but I manage to handle that need by being active in events that bring a lot of people together. It also helps to go to movies and live theatre and music venues. You meet all kinds of interesting people there.