Saturday, August 24, 2013

Working under deadlines

by Kaye George

I’ll admit, I work much better with a sword hanging over my head. Until the last few minutes, hours, or days, there’s still time, right?

Urban dictionary (not the best source, of course) says:

Designates the approximate point in time at which work begins in earnest; employee motivation is frequently observed to be "dead" before the deadline draws near.


The point at which work should held until, and then handed over to others all in one go.

Maybe that’s it, my motivation is dead until due date?

Nevertheless, I did get myself all ready for Killer Nashville in the last two days. Good thing I didn’t have to order books for consignment or this would not have worked. I’m also hoping to add at least 3, maybe 4, more scenes to my WIP and get it shaped up by my September 15th deadline. Why are these new scenes just occurring to me now? After I’ve shipped it out to several readers and have polished and analyzed all over the place? I really need them, though, so I’ll add them--after Killer Nashville.

Or should I wait a little longer?

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